Jesus held a radical vision for His church. He said: I will build MY church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Upon giving up His life Jesus held his gaze on you and I. The church. It’s not a building, brand or movement. It’s His kingdom and His people wherever they gather together. And when we gather Jesus is right here in our midst building and beautifying His Kingdom.

Because the church is His, not ours, we believe that Anthem Church is called to be an expression of His Kingdom here on earth. With His Kingdom, His values, His very DNA flowing through every aspect of our church. 

We believe that Kingdom culture is the soil in which we see Heaven transform earth. As His Kingdom Comes and His will is done the church expands to see Heaven permeate earth. 



Joshua along with his wife Renae are the Lead Pastors at Anthem Church. They have 3 beautiful children, Annabelle, Laura and Joel. Joshua has served in full-time ministry for over a decade and has been a part of leading the church now known as Anthem Church for several years. Joshua has a passion for seeing people equipped and released into their calling. Renae and Joshua have both served in creative ministries and as such play a key role in shaping our incredible worship and creative ministries. 

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We see a church where REAL CHANGE takes place in every aspect of life, family and community. We believe real change takes place as the gospel permeates every sphere of life. 

We see a church of GENUINE COMMUNITY every day of the week. A church that truly lives and loves as one. We believe genuine community takes place as people commit to love one another as Christ loves them. 

We see a church of LIMITLESS CREATIVITY and expanding Kingdom influence in society. A church where the gifts and talents of every individual are recognised and releases to serve the Kingdom. We believe LIMITLESS CREATIVITY exists in every individual and when it is unleashed to serve God’s plan the church becomes an unstoppable force.



Anthem Church is proudly part of the ACC (Australian Christian Churches) Network and as such adheres to the beliefs and positional statements of our movement. If you'd like to know more about what we believe then you can visit the ACC website